We welcome applications from families of all backgrounds and religious observances who wish to embrace the Carmel School experience.

Within our school population, a diverse range of backgrounds is represented. All of our families have one thing in common; the belief that with a Carmel education their children will be well-equipped for a future of purpose. There is a range of events and activities that prospective families can get involved in to understand more about Carmel School. We encourage families to register interest in the school on our website, carmel.wa.edu.au, which is also where families can apply to enrol.

There is no fee to apply for or enrol at Carmel School. Please contact us via email for an enrolment form. Alternatively, you may apply online here.


Key People


Ms Susanna Wills-Johnson

Ms Susanna Wills-Johnson

Susanna has over 15 years’ experience working in the fields of education marketing, branding, communications and admissions, having held positions at several universities in both Perth and Sydney. As a working parent of two small boys, Susanna has a deep and authentic understanding of the importance of finding the right educational environment for your family. Since commencing at the start of 2017, Susanna has spent much of her time getting to know the unique Carmel school community. Her favourite spot on campus is the sun-filled courtyard outside of Kadima and the best thing about Carmel that she has discovered so far is the real sense of ruah, or spirit, which pervades all that we do.

Direct line: (08) 9375 4306
Email: susanna.willsjohnson@carmel.wa.edu.au