This term, two teams of Year 9 students competed in the Science IQ Competition which was run by the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia and was offered to both National and International Schools.

The competition was based on-line and required the teams of students to answer a set of 12 Science questions within a one-hour period.

Students used their outstanding group work skills to allocate roles to each of the members of the team. Most of the questions required students to research new concepts within the allocated time period. The goal was to complete the test correctly in the shortest period of time.

This term one of our teams placed in the competition. Congratulations Santino Febbo, Tal Shmuel, Jacob Range and Isabella Rosenberg for coming in THIRD PLACE.

A special mention to Maia Hilu, Asher Altschuler, Shaked Cohen and Toni Grolman for coming in SIXTH PLACE.

Thank you to all of the students that competed this year. We look forward to seeing how the Year 7 and Year 8 teams do in the next two terms.