The Carmel School Parents' & Friends' Association is extremely proud of its bumper year. At the start of the year, the P&F Committee agreed to fund the High School Covered Walkway, and set itself a fundraising target of $10,000. If this was achieved, it was agreed that a further $10,000 would be added (from accumulated reserves).

Through the Committee members' hard work and dedication, and with the enthusiasm and generosity of many of Carmel's parents, our target was achieved. At last week's Primary School concert, the P&F proudly presented Shula Lazar with a cheque for $20,000. The High School students will now be able to walk across the High School campus without getting drenched in Winter, and without getting sunburnt in Summer.

In addition to the above, Gia Ismay, a current Year 6 student, took the initiative to promote the Grape Juice project. The P&F Committee decided that, regardless of the fundraising outcome, it would support this project in recognition of Gia's initiative, enthusiasm, and creativity. This project was very enthusiastically received by the parents and many bottles of grape juice were purchased. As agreed with Gia, the P&F would use a portion of the funds raised to purchase an item for the High School Art Department. At the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony, a cheque was presented to the School for the purchase of a glass cutter, a much needed item for the Art Department.

The P&F wishes to acknowledge and thank Carmel's parents for their enthusiasm, generosity, and support. We look forward to announcing our new major project for the School, and to taking on the challenge of making it a reality, just as we did this year.

The Carmel P&F Committee wishes you all a wonderful holiday, and everything of the best for 2018.