The Year 1-6 Concert played first to the Grandparents Club on Monday 27 November and then to a bursting at the seams house on Wednesday evening 29 November. The item integrated live footage of the games, honoured Australians who died in the bridge collapse and celebrated the athletes and our student participants in the Maccabi Games in the most artistically appealing manner. Each year level honoured a participating country, our Carmel School Choir sang a medley of popular Hebrew songs and our dance troupe and gymnastics troupe cast a spell over the audience with their unbelievable moves and the united voice of all the students overwhelmed the audience with their grand finale.

Every student without exception performed as the most talented Broadway star to achieve something for the greater good. There is indeed no greater voice than the united voice of our Carmel students.

Our gratitude and greatest respect is extended to

Morah Debbi Benn: Master Scriptwriter and Executive Director and Producer

Bonita Muir: Choreographer and Dance educator whose talent and creativity is limitless. Her remixes of music is also deserving of special mention.

Noelene Reynolds: Musical Director of the Carmel Choir and early years students and concert accompanist. We recognise Mrs Reynolds for growing the greatest choir in the history of Carmel School.

Wendy Wiklund: Costume designer and manufacturer. We thank Mrs Wiklund for making our students look perfect on stage and for building a wardrobe on site over the years that is the envy of any theatre.

We wish Mrs Marcia Fisher all the best on the birth of her second grandchild in Melbourne and thank her for her talented musical direction in the upper years before flying out for this exciting event.

We thank our Carmel Staff collectively for supporting the Concert Team and we thank our students for being the most passionate disciplined performers yet who understand what it means to belong to one big family. This combination of professionals produced something extraordrinary that will live on in our memories and nourish our souls to ensure that once again we close off our year filled up with another x factor moment at Carmel School.