The Year 6 students of 2017 participated in a dignified Graduation and Prize Giving ceremony on Thursday 7 December. Using the analogy of how high performing apps are coded in computers, Mrs Lynda Fisher correlated how our students coded for success as they move through their 8 years of Primary School Education. These students were celebrated with individual citations, personalised gift packages, whole class items and an acknowledgement of all aspects of their leadership. The outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl, Lucy Kaye and David Levy, delivered a meaningful address taking a trip down memory lane capturing what Carmel School has brought to their world. Students were awarded prizes across both academic as well as social contexts. We wish our Year 6 students every success as they enter the next chapter of their educational journey at Carmel High School and feel certain that they are indeed poised for a most productive, successful experience.

At the ceremony, Morah Bianca and Arik Singer were farewelled as they depart for Melbourne. They were thanked for their service to Carmel School. We wish them every success in their new context.

Claudia Kirkham’s work at Carmel School as an educational assistant is greatly appreciated. She is farewelled as she progresses her career.

Mrs Fisher acknowledges the entire Primary School staff and the school leadership for the sterling job they do with growing greatness in each child during their time at Carmel Primary School. She also wishes all parents a safe and happy holiday in anticipation of the promise a wonderful 2018.