On Wednesday the 22nd of November , the Year 7 students walked to Sir David Brand School for Children with Special Needs. Once we arrived there, it was a little confronting and even a bit scary for the Year 7s , but after singing “Let it go” and introducing ourselves, we were able joyfully engage in a dancing session with the other students. After a lot of ruach, the Year 7s were put into 4 different groups , each group went to a different classroom and experienced an ordinary day at Sir David Brand School. We even had the opportunity learn some sign language. To sum it up, this was an unbelievable experience! We thought we were coming to perform a big mitzvah, however in fact the Carmel Students were the ones who walked out having gained a lot more than we had been able to give. Thank you Morah Steph, Gilad Lavi and all the tzevet for taking us to Sir David Brand. This is an experience we will not forget.

By Rafael Levine and Daniel Lichtman

On Wednesday the 22nd of November the Year 7 students, accompanied by Morah Steph, Gilad and the Tzevet, were privileged to be able to visit a very special school in Perth: The Sir David Brand School for children with special needs. We started by singing some songs and interacted with the students. We also spent the day learning in the classrooms with their students. It was an eye opening experience being able to spend time with kids with special needs. It was a day enjoyed by all of the students, both from Carmel School and Sir David Brand School.

By: Lara Havas and Bianca Bennett