Carmel Novice and Junior Debaters faced fierce competition all term. All teams prepared well and showed their tenacious spirits when they came up against strong opposition.

Late in the term, the Junior Team debated the topic: That we should return cultural property residing in museums to their place of origin, and the team should be congratulated on their astute rebuttal skills. They lost to Perth College by a very narrow margin.

The Novice Teams debated the topic: That musicians should boycott streaming services such as Spotify, with two of our teams debating for the affirmative and one team for the negative. Well done to Arielle Meekan, Rebecca Schwarz, Shoshana Benjamin, Dana Lazar, Aviya Solomon and Alon Tucker for fantastic effort and strong rebuttal, and congratulations to Rafael Cowan, Jacob Parry and Noa Jackson for winning their round this week.