Carmel School Year 5 and 6 students shone at the Independent Primary School Heads Association Performing Arts Festival in late June, with their message of Peace. This biennial event is held at the Perth Convention and Entertainment Centre between 17 Independent Primary Schools and a collective audience of 8000. Their performance Brand New Day was choreographed by our ever talented Mrs Bonita Muir along with singing directed by Mrs Marcia Fisher. We thank Mrs Wendy Wiklund for the professional costume design and manufacture and Debbi Benn for her role as coordinator We also thank Mrs Karen Blumberg for the work she has done in supporting individual students ensuring all Carmelites have a chance to shine. Mrs Lynda Fisher plays a key role in organising, coaching and facilitating this 3 day event in her role on the IPSHA Executive as Immediate Past President. Carmel School acknowledges her as does IPSHA.