For a long time, research has been telling us that teenagers are a lot more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour than any other age group. This is not surprising, given they are at a point in their lives when they often have the opportunity or greater freedom for new experiences, but their cognitive development is not so good at properly considering the consequences of these actions on their safety. Well, not yet anyway! On Friday, all Year 7s and Year 8s attended a talk by 22 year old Carl, who, after diving into the ocean without looking, has been left a quadriplegic. Carl is now in wheelchair and needs two carers and two hours to get him ready for each day.

Whilst this sounds a very sad story, all the students were so impressed to hear how Carl manages his condition and uses technology to enable him to function at quite a high level. Carl encouraged our students to ask questions, and they had plenty! It was so good to hear such a respectful and mature conversation about the lives of people with disabilities, and more importantly how this can be avoided by some common sense safety practices! Thanks to Mr Hall for organising the talk which was a really important and engaging experience for our Year 7s and 8s.