On Tuesday 31 October, four Year 10 students represented Carmel School at the Battle of Beersheba Australian Light Horsemen 100-year Commemoration in Kings Park. The initiative to attend this important ceremony came from the students themselves, who felt a strong connection with this uniquely Australian-Jewish story; a connection forged when they visited the ‘Park of the Australian Soldier’ in Be’er Sheva on their recent trip to Israel for Shorashim.

Mr Chris Hall, Dean of Students and Head of Health and Physical Education also attended the memorial with the students, and he was with the students on Shorashim 2017. Mr Hall says that the students approached him with the idea to attend this service because ‘they really enjoyed spending meaningful time at the ‘Park of the Australian Soldier’ in Be’er Sheva and found it to be a deeply moving experience that bought together their Australian and Jewish cultures.' He also said that 'the students wanted to extend this experience, and also make sure the School was represented at this important event.’