A Carmel School choir, comprising students from both the High and Primary Schools, performed last week at the 79th Commemoration of Kristallnacht. This service which is run under the auspices of the Council for Jews and Christians of WA, is a solemn evening, which commemorates the 2 day pogrom across the whole of Nazi Germany in 1938. Kristallnacht, which means “the night of broken glass” saw Jews rounded up and taken to concentration camps; shops and businesses destroyed and looted; and hundreds of synagogues burned. It was the beginning of the end for Germany’s Jews.

Our choir sang two songs beautifully: one reflected on the precarious position in which Jews found themselves in the 1930s and the other song was one of brotherhood and friendship.

After the service, which was attended by people across many religious denominations, they met the Governor of WA, the Honorable Kerry Sanderson AC.