Last Monday, Mrs George was invited to speak at the annual MAWA Secondary teachers conference. This is where Maths teachers from all over WA, and beyond, come to discuss the latest innovations in Maths teaching, share ideas and enjoy spending time hearing about Maths education in different settings.

Mrs George chose to give a talk entitled “If 42 is the answer, what is the question?”. This allowed her to talk about the use of open ended enquiry tasks that we use across many classes. The main idea behind the talk was that after offering students a stimulus they had to decide what question should be asked, what information is required to answer and then they use that to find an answer.

Of course, along the way more questions arise and even after an answer is found there is normally another question that develops. This method of rich task complements the teaching of the syllabus, allowing students to develop their mathematical thinking, rather than being constrained to the topic of the day.

The talk went incredibly well, with the venue running out of seating for those wishing to attend. Standing room only!