Last week saw a number of events that celebrated our Year 12 graduating class, and their years of schooling at Carmel. Students participated in a well-planned ‘muck up day’ that was equal parts funny and respectful; attended the annual ‘Year 12 dinner’, a special event that is wrapped in secrecy and shared only between the students and teachers; and, finally participated in the Valedictory Assembly to acknowledge each student and their families. The Assembly was punctuated by warm anecdotes of each student’s time at Carmel, as well as a description of their future goals and a look back at their school years through a photo montage set to music. Awards and prizes were also distributed (see list below) and by the end of the morning there wasn’t a dry eye in the packed Hall! We are very proud of this group of incredible young people, and wish them all the best with their exams. We’re looking forward to finding out what their future holds.