Last Wednesday and Thursday night the Year 10 class hosted the Living Historian Project, where they, in small groups presented stories of Perth Holocaust survivors whom they had interviewed throughout the term. These stories were told in various formats – DVD’s, PowerPoints, Scrapbooks, journals and posters – each one unique and depicting the lives and experiences of eight survivors.

But the project was not only about one evening’s presentation- the personal experiences of the “living historian” opens up a view of history that cannot be found in books. The lessons in life and insights that the students gain from meeting with their allocated survivors will stay with them long after the project and their years at school have ended.

The Breckler Troy Hall was filled to capacity, with almost all the survivors attending, many of them with family members, as well as our students’ families. It was a memorable evening. I thank the Year 10 students for their hard work and beautiful presentations. I am also extremely grateful to the survivors who so generously gave of their time and their souls to share their stories with our students.