Last Thursday, the Year 11 Hebrew class had an Oral Evening. Each student delivered a speech about a book which they have read. The students described their book, spoke about the author and reviews of the book. Dean Kezurer spoke about 'The Zigzag Kid', which was a riveting story about a young boy who goes on an extraordinary adventure with a master thief. Liron Koren spoke about 'The next few days’ guide' which describes a world where you can keep memories and experiences in drink bottles and food. It was a story about two characters going on an adventure to stop a man from taking over the world. Yannai Goldberg’s book: 'Fruit of the poisonous tree' was a crime thriller that followed the murder of Alona Perry, and lead into a series of theories surrounding affairs and lack of trust. Sharon Hilu spoke about 'The island on birds street' which describes a boy who lived during the time of the holocaust. His father was taken away and he had to hide and learn to fend for himself for a long time. The boy also saved Jews. At the end of the story, the boy was finally reunited with his father at the end of the War. The speeches were very interesting and the students had to answer questions from the audience in Hebrew. The Year 11 students would like to thank the Tzevet members who worked with them and Morah Gunders-Hunt, Gilad and Mr Lawrence.