Year 9 students in Mrs Cunningham’s class were recently tasked with making a documentary. The topic was their own choice, and one of the groups decided to make theirs on the importance of vaccinations. Once the topic was decided, Itai Terry, Santino Febbo, Eli Rosenberg, Tanna Wasserman and Nelly Shufrin considered who would be the best person they could interview. A part of the project is that the documentary must be targeted at Year 9 students, and the group’s peers advised that the most convincing person to speak on vaccinations would be Dr Fiona Stanley. Itai, Santino, Eli, Tanna and Nelly shot for the stars and asked her! Dr Stanley agreed, and she came to the school on Wednesday 1 November for her interview. Dr Stanley told the group that she gets invited to a lot of events and doesn’t say ‘yes’ to them all, but wanted to attend this one as it was a cause close to her heart and she was impressed that they were making a documentary about the importance of vaccinations.