This year the Year 9 students were given the opportunity to enter the 59th Annual Science Talent Search competition organised by The Science Teachers Association of Western Australia. The Science Talent Search is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their interests in Science through a competition with a range of categories that suit a wide variety of abilities and interests.

The Year 9 students chose to enter in either the Engineering or the Investigating categories as an individual or in a team. Our Year 9 students competed against hundreds of entries in the Year 9/10 division and we are very proud of how they represented the school.

We had two successful entries in the Engineering category. Congratulations to Tal Shmuel, Eli Rosenberg and Eden-Lee Schaffer for finishing in 3rd place with their iTrolley design.

A huge congratulations to Jesse Gabriel for coming in 1st place in the Engineering category. He funnelled his passion and enthusiasm for aviation into the innovative design of a lightweight, non-corrosive, durable and aerodynamic mesh cone called the CoverCone. The purpose of the CoverCone is to prevent the damage and loss of life in aviation caused by bird strikes by preventing the birds from being sucked into the turbofan engines of planes.

We are very proud of our finalists and look forward to seeing more entries across a greater range of categories and year groups next year.