Making an early call and deferring the carnival to a later date proved to be a smart decision. The inclement weather had cleared over the weekend and the day dawned dawned clear and calm, perfect conditions for an athletics carnival. Willing student helpers soon had the tents erected and decorated, various equipment distributed and the all- important sound system in place for Mrs Fisher.

The day started with all athletes participating in the marching, to the beat of the same drum. This year the emphasis was on marching – team work and precision. The 200m followed with every student Yr 3-6 included in this event. This was a first and an early highlight. As always, some found it easier than others and those that do find these longer runs challenging are to be admired for their perseverance. Racing was generally tight with some contests in the older age groups battled furiously right to the tape.

The Preps, 1s and 2s showcased their fundamental movement skills through ten tabloid activities, usually the most watched and photographed event of the day. At the same time the remainder of the athletes were competing in their team games and field events. Both activities enshrining the importance principle of team work over individual athleticism. The finals for the sprints and hurdles rounded out a busy morning and were the last chance for aspiring athletes to clinch the last points of the championships. These points are added to those garnered on jumps day and the total determining the best all-rounder, the individual that has a repertoire of jumping, throwing and running skills.

Special mention must go to Caleb Hoenig and Regev Yiftah for breaking turbo jav records in their respective year groups and to Ailee Mae Gabriel who broke not one, but two long standing sprint records in both the 100m and 200m.

Listed are the champions of the day.


Runner Up


Year 3

Mushki White

Hannah Schwarz

Kovi Leib

Jacob Hinton

Year 4

Tali Wrobel

Charlotte Walters

Ethan Glasser

Caleb Hoenig

Year 5

Maya Kerbel

Sivan Nagle

Ariel Range

Joshua Braunstein

Year 6

Adi Goldberg

Ailee Mae Gabriel

Elay Gloozman

Max Lemer


The Heather and Jack Bell Perpetual Trophy for the most outstanding junior athlete went to Caleb Hoenig (Yr 4) and Sinai were again too strong in the faction competition.