Carmel School is immensely proud of the successes and contributions achieved by all its students in 2018, most especially the graduates who have already shown themselves to be young men and women of integrity and perseverance; they are true Carmel menschen! Carmel has performed strongly within the WA School sector and the national Jewish School sector and we are delighted with our results, and also with the scope of engagement of this cohort, both in and outside of the classroom. A summary of the WA schools, ranked by ATAR for 2018 can be found here.
At Carmel, in partnership with parents, the School is honoured to be able to equip its students with all they need to succeed in life, including the best possible ATAR for University entry. In true Carmel style, the Year 12 results have been outstanding:

  • 92.6 - median ATAR score
  • 99.35 - highest ATAR achieved
  • 19% with an ATAR over 98
  • 35% with an ATAR over 95
  • 61% with an ATAR over 90
  • 84% with an ATAR over 80

The School is also proud of students who chose to study VET courses in order to pursue their chosen careers and this year Carmel had two students complete VET courses with much success. 

We also congratulate the following students who have achieved awards from SCSA:
Brad H - General Exhibition and a Certificate of Distinction
Jason F - Certificate of Excellence (Human Biology) and a Certificate of Distinction
Ruth K - Certificate of Excellence (Mathematics Applications) and a Certificate of Distinction
Certificates of Distinction also awarded to: Judd B, Yannai G, Romy L, Dean K, Kaylee M, Kaylene S, Olivia W.
And Certificates of Merit awarded to: Aaron G, Dylan K, Joel M, Eden P, Noa S, Gabriela S, Sara S-B and Jaden S.

While Carmel appreciates and celebrates the academic success of this year’s graduates, the Carmel student carries much more than just a top ATAR score. Principal, Shula Lazar says, “A Carmel graduate is characterised by a strong Jewish and Zionist identity, a desire to contribute to both the Jewish and wider community, and a thirst for learning that endures long after they leave Carmel. We are proud of all of our students for all of their achievements and know that they will go on to careers of meaning and purpose.”

Carmel is proud that the majority of its 2018 graduates will be spending time in Israel before commencing their tertiary studies. Inspired by the learning at Carmel School, the experiences at amazing Jewish youth groups, and of course, Shorashim, Carmel’s three week trip to Israel, these students are keen to extend and enrich their understanding of Israel and their own Jewish identity. Carmel School is proud to have so many graduates affiliated with and spending time in Israel.
Carmel School wishes its Class of 2018 at hearty Mazel tov and looks forward to hearing of their future successes in their chosen careers and endeavours.