Lynda Fisher

I will miss the deep meaningful connection that I have with every child and their parents, a connection that commences from the day they join Carmel School and resonates beyond their graduation from Carmel School. My Carmel Mishpacha also includes every member of staff. Many of my colleagues have worked alongside me for over a decade or two, and our collegiality and friendship are unrivalled across schools and are treasured deeply by me. This cocoon of growth and warmth is appreciated and has crafted me into who I am today. I thank my Carmel Crew and will adore them always.

Chris Hall

From a student perspective; the genuine positive intent to do one's best, to assist others and to contribute to the betterment of the community.

From a staff perspective; collegiality, genuine friendship and a willingness to step up when needed.

From a community perspective; pride in culture, heritage and present performance of the Perth Jewish Community. A sense of unity and common purpose, whilst acknowledging and understanding that differences exist in the way individual community members may view the world.

Overall; Carmel School will always have a unique place in my heart. It has nurtured me as a young graduate teacher, supported me in my endeavours to be the best educator I can be and challenged me to through ongoing leadership and development

Mel Thorpe

What an education it has been! It is very simple. There are two things I will miss most about Carmel and that is the Jewish people and Zsuzsi Shuhandler. I have been accepted into a community very different from my own. It is a community based on unity, service and care for each other. I have spoken philosophy and religion with Rabbonim, davened with students in times of great joy and great sadness, learned a small amount of Hebrew and reflected on my own beliefs as I was exposed to those of others.

I wish Carmel School every success next year. The School has a legacy which will be carried on for many years to come. It has been a privilege serving as the Head of Secondary.


Jason Edmunds

What I will miss the most is definitely the students, it has been a pleasure teaching such a hardworking, intelligent and fun-loving group of young people over the last 10 years. I will also miss the incredibly capable and awesome Science staff that make the Science Department the best in the school. I wish everyone the best going forward.

We wish all of our departing staff including those listed above and Mel Edmunds, Jane Ward, Amy Zahra-Craig and Glenda Stark Le'Hitraot and Hatzalacha! We will miss you too.