JNF thanks Carmel High School for their phenomenal support at JNF’s Green Sunday this year! A special thank you to School Captains Ruth and Dylan, who were so helpful in getting students interested in volunteering during lunch and via email. All the students were well-mannered, respectful and happy to help. They are a fantastic group of students and we are so grateful for their support.

Students who volunteered were

Ashleigh Cohen, Michaela Kavalsky, Cleo Sabath, Mia Parry, Daniel Raiter, Gadi Fisher, Ruth Karotkin, Olivia Cohen, Ella Voros,Tyra Joselowsky, Jaden Schaffer, Dylan Kotkis, Yannai Goldberg, Jason Fasser, Talya Hesselson, Sharon Hilu, Kaylee Schutz, Teagan Joffe, Olivia Walters, Eden Paletz, Aaron Griolman, Noa Saddik, Toni Grolman, Rachel Paletz, Eden Diamant, Tyra Lipman, Judd Behr, Romy Leibowitz and Kaylee Molin.