It was perfect weather for the swimming carnival on Friday albeit a little warm later in the morning. Despite having to negotiate several tradesmen putting finishing touches to the pool subsequent to its ‘completion’, the day turned out to be a highly successful outing for the Carmel swimmers. After several weeks of trialling and training prior to the carnival, students were keen to enter the water and pit their skills against their peers. Everyone swam extremely well and it was encouraging to see a number of swimmers gain places in events that they had found challenging the previous year.

As is the usual practice, members of the Year 6 cohort assisted with the preparation for the event and decorated their faction bays with colourful banners and signage. The Year 3s were also on hand for part of the morning to cheer for their friends and siblings, and are no doubt looking forward to 2019 where they too, can contribute to their faction’s success.

Congratulations to Tavor who has entered the winners circle again after a long hiatus, taking out the Dryden Family Trophy for the winning faction, and to Regev Yiftah named most outstanding junior swimmer for 2018, hoisting high the coveted D Feldman Trophy.

Congratulations to all who took part, and many thanks to the parents who were on hand to see their child participate on the day. Your enthusiastic support was most welcome.