This year, the English department is coordinating Carmel School’s inaugural reading week. The purpose of this week is to encourage reading across the high school. The following are just some of the known benefits of reading fiction:

  • It maintains and improves one’s ability to comprehend. Research has shown that students who are ‘a-literate’ (can read but choose not to) actually demonstrate worsening comprehension skills over time.
  • It is a form of therapy. ‘Bibliotherapy’ involves reading texts with the purpose of healing, and results can be long lasting.
  • It boosts vocabulary. There is a known correlation between vocabulary and IQ.
  • Improved EQ. Research has shown that reading fiction actually boosts our ability to be empathetic.

Reading Week will take place in Week 10 of this term. There will be activities every recess and lunch, which centre around the promotion of books.

Every recess there will be a Book Swap station where students are encouraged to bring in fiction books, and can take a book to read in turn. These books should be appropriate for high school students. At the end of the week, any leftover books will either be donated with the School Library or charity. We ask that the following types of books be donated only:

  • Fiction books (no non-fiction please)
  • Appropriate for students ranging from Years 7-12
  • In good working order (e.g. no torn covers or pages)

These can be books on a bookshelf in your house that are no longer needed, or you may even like to purchase books appropriate for high school students to support this initiative. Some helpful websites are as follows:

Please note that donations will only be accepted at the Book Swap station during recess from June 18 – 22. Thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.