Following discussions between the Student Representative Council and the High School Management team, this week sees the launch of a brand new Social Zone in the High School.

The space in an existing classroom, will be open to all High School students over lunchtime on a Tuesday and Thursday each week, and will encourage, through creative activities, games and sports, a chance for collaboration and conversation.

This initiative, will not only mean that students have more constructive activities open to them over the lunch period, but will mean that hopefully they are able to build upon and nurture existing relationships, and possibly develop new ones.

Commenting on the launch, Mrs Melanie Thorpe, Head of Secondary said: "This positive new outlet for our students demonstrates what can happen when the Student Representative Council and the High School Management team come together.

"We are always open to our Students ideas and feedback on life here at Carmel School, and we hope that this space offers them a useful space when they are not involved in their studies . Our staff will oversee the activities but it is hoped that students will take the lead on the running of the Social Zone thereby empowering them to be responsible leaders going forward."

Karen Blumberg, Special Needs Educational Assistant believes that “This is a wonderful initiative that the school is implementing. The Social Zones program gives students increased opportunities to interact with their peers. It is such a great way to help students enhance their social skills in a fun, relaxed, inclusive environment” 

Ruth Karotkin, School Captain and a member of the SRC added: "We created the space to act as both a social hub between friends and different year levels, as well as a relaxed and welcoming environment for people who want something more structured to do during their lunch break. When deciding on the social zone activities, we wanted something that anyone could get involved with and enjoy, and we’re hopeful and confident that we’ve achieved just that!”

The Social Zone will be in BS1.