What started as an idea to get students to read Alan Dershowitz’s book “The Case for Israel’ ahead of his visit to Perth, Morah Shula’s Book Club has now become an ingrained part of the High School Carmel experience.

Over 15 students signed up to read "The Case for Israel", leading to a lunchtime discussion of favourite chapters and vital lessons learnt from the readings. The Cowan family generously sponsored the next book, which was ‘A Letter in the Scroll’ by Rabbi Sacks, and over the past month, the book club has met weekly to read together and discuss the fundamental principles of Judaism.

The purpose of the book club is to expose students to books of note, those that add to their repertoire of knowledge and understanding of the world, and to bring the importance of reading to the fore. Students get to build their personal libraries and share their enjoyment of reading with their peers.

The book for Term 3 will be “Nothing to Envy” by Barbara Demick, a compilation of her interviews with six North Korean defectors about their life under the North Korean demoralising and dehumanising dictatorship; a book that is both compelling and timely. If anyone would like to sponsor our next book please contact  Janine Myers (Janine.myers@carmel.wa.edu.au)