The final countdown to Shorashim is on! In just a few short days, I will be on a plane with our darling Year 10s, sharing the excitement as we embark together on the trip of a lifetime!

Shorashim is one of the hallmarks of a Carmel Education. This is a trip for all Year 10s (not just a privileged few) and provides 3 weeks steeped in history and hope, culture and technology, connection and family. We are not only justified in putting a large portion of our resources towards this trip, we would be remiss if we didn’t. Through studies done on ‘Birthright’ it has been statistically proven that experiencing Israel strengthens Jewish identity and has a pronounced positive influence on future Jewish connectivity and continuity.

While there are new Israel programs for Jewish students whose parents have chosen not to send them to Carmel, which is fantastic, there is something to be said for having this experience with close classmates. Our students experience Israel together; they digest and reflect on it together; it is a relationship builder and enhancer, and it provides a sense of nostalgia that bonds and binds for years into the future.

There have been and will be many imitations of Shorashim, but nothing can compare to the real thing; Carmel students, together on a trip to explore their roots in order to build strong branches of Jewish life. As the name suggests, Shorashim, connects our students to Torah, Israel and each other.

And for this year I get to be there! I joke with the students that I’m most looking forward to soft serve ice cream, a plethora of kosher yogurts and crusty bread spread with delicious Labne, but what I am most looking forward to is spending time with them. When I reflect on my move from teaching to Principalship, I realise that what I miss the most is daily interaction with the kids. The thought of spending 3 weeks with students makes my heart sing!

Year 10s…….. off we go!!!

Shabbat shalom,