This week our community mourned the loss of one of our founding fathers, Mr. Joe Berinson QC.

The impact Mr. Berinson, together with Mrs. Berinson, has had on our community is difficult to capture in words.

If not for Mr. Berinson, our children would not have a Jewish school and without a Jewish school, we would not have a community, nor would we be able to achieve our ultimate goal of Jewish continuity.

We stand tall today because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Mr. Berinson was a giant of vision, a giant in generosity of time, wealth and spirit. It would be impossible to count the hours, days and years that he gave to Carmel School, all the while serving his country in Parliament, then as Attorney General and raising 4 children, committed to Jewish values and who themselves have raised families who continue to believe and keep our faith. His intellect was matched only by his moral virtue, a man of immense integrity and courage.

At AGM meetings, the only ‘audience’ questions that the Board were apprehensive about were questions posed by Mr. Berinson; for his questions were always worth asking and even more importantly, worth finding an answer to (which was never easy). After having established the School, served on its Board and as a Trustee for decades, Mr. Berinson never stopped his interest in and support of our School.

We, our students, staff, parents, alumni and community, must avow to continue his legacy. It is too great, too important, to let his vision go.

None of us are more busy, or have work of greater import than did Mr. Berinson. He must stand as an example to all of us to grow in our promotion and support of our community’s greatest asset, Carmel School.

On a personal note, I know that my children, Dana and Davi, have been gifted a first class Jewish education because of Mr. Berinson. For that I am eternally grateful.

I know you join me in wishing the Berinson, Saker, Solomon, Rose, Lewis and Bercove families “Yamim Arukim’ – a long life filled with blessing and long lasting memories of a man who changed our world for the better.

Shabbat Shalom,