On Thursday 28th June, the Year Four’s visited Perth Zoo to use their mapping skills. The students were divided into small groups, with a parent or teacher supervisor, and were given a set of instructions and a map of the zoo. As they followed their specific instructions, they were required to answer questions about what they saw or passed along the way.


Before lunch, they were guided through a zoo educational experience called, ‘Going, Going, Gone’. This experience had the students thinking about various local native animals and how human behaviour has impacted upon their natural environments. We discussed ways we can prevent further destruction and create a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle, for the good of all.


After lunch, the students had an opportunity to spend time looking at their favourite exhibits. We were very lucky to have cool, but fine weather and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mrs Butler and Miss Doven would like to thank each of our parent helpers, for making our day so meaningful for our students.