Across the past 6 weeks of Term 1, Year 7 – 10 students competed in ACC after school sport each week across 4 sports and against 5 different schools. Across the 6 weeks we experienced a good mix of success across all sports, only narrowly missing out on making the finals in the Junior Girls Basketball and Senior Frisbee and Volleyball. Congratulations to our Junior Frisbee and Volleyball teams who convincingly won their final games on Tuesday against John Septimus Roe (13 – 3) and Mercy (3 - 0) respectively.

I was so impressed this term with the younger students' ability to communicate their availability for games and ensuring for the most part that we always had a full team each and every week, something that the other schools who have much larger student numbers found difficult. I would like to thank all students who put their hand up each week to represent Carmel School in all sports. ACC sport is built around the motto of, “Sport in the right spirit” and our students definitely displayed these values each week.

I would also like to thank Mr Carter, Mr Hall, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Raston and Miss Mullahey who travelled with the students and coordinated the running of games each week afterschool.

I look forward to another successful ACC sport winter season during Term 2.

Chris Quelch