On Thursday 1 March, students including the Year 11 and 12 Advanced Hebrew classes and staff members attended the annual UIA dinner. This year, the event celebrated the 70th anniversary of the modern state of Israel. 

Shai Lazer, CEO of the Youth Futures program, explored the work and influence of the organisation within Israel, sharing inspiring anecdotes of disadvantaged youth in Israel turning their lives around. This was followed by Professor Alan Dershowitz, lawyer, author, and social activist, who discussed his viewpoint on the current state of Israel and the Israeli conflict in a captivating speech and interview. 

The experience was well received by all of the students and was particularly resounding as it enriched their understanding of contemporary Israeli society. The event was especially important to the Year 12 students as it helped them fully understand their curriculum, which includes studies of Israeli society, as well as an understanding of the social challenges of the Israeli periphery. The Year 11 Advanced Hebrew cohort was further privileged to have a personal discussion with Shai Lazar after the event.