In Year 11 Human Biology, this semester we are studying Body Systems. This involves learning about how system organs and associated structures work together to allow us to function as multicellular organisms. Not only do most of us find this interesting but it is very exciting because this semester’s unit includes organ dissections.

Last week we were lucky enough to dissect a Sheep’s “pluck”, something that Carmel students have not been able to do for a long time due to supply issues. A sheep’s pluck includes the heart, lungs and trachea. As they were sourced from a local abattoir, we observed cuts/slashes in the lungs ensuring that they were not diseased. They were smaller than we thought they would be however, it was useful to visualise what we had been learning in class “in the flesh”.

To assist in our understanding of how the lungs inflate and deflate, Mrs Messina used a manual bike pump and inflated the lung to simulate the action of ventilation. We all enjoyed the dissection immensely and it was a great start to the year, since it was our first dissection in Year 11. We are looking forward for the heart dissection, later this week.

By: Shira Koff