The seminar day was a lot of fun, learning with Gilad and the tzevet and was an experience and a half! The day started off with all the boys in the library with their dads and a few mums to do morning tefilla, led by Mr Lawrence. After tefilla the boys took their parents around the room to show off their beautiful posters about, “who am I?” which the boys had made in bar mitzvah classes with Gilad over the past few weeks. Breakfast was set up on the table and during breakfast we started to learn about when it is the right age to start doing new things from a Jewish perspective.

Once all the parents had left, the Year 7 class gathered in the Hall with Gilad and the tzevet to learn about our mindset when we do things and we also learnt about letting go of bad habits, which can be hard to do but can ultimately be better for you. After that, the Year 7 class were split into 2 groups, with one group learning a flag dance which the all the Year 7 will be performing on Yom Ha'aztmaut, Israel’s 70th birthday. Other groups played a life size snakes and ladders including challenges about Pesach and why it’s so special for the Jewish nation. Each Year 7 student participated in all the activities, and they were also so grateful to have these opportunities which were given by Gilad and all the tzevet and the students thank them very much.

Written by Davi Lazar, Year 7 student