The Year 4 students and their parents enjoyed a fun interactive and educational evening to celebrate Lag Ba’omer. They spent time with their parents learning in a chevruta, discussing a meaningful text and participating in tables in a picture quiz. They then headed outside for a delicious BBQ dinner cooked to perfection by Mr Lawrence and ate together around the fires in the amphitheatre.

The students entertained their parents with a medley of Hebrew songs accompanied by Morah Galanti on the guitar which was inspiring. The evening ended with delicious dessert and the roasting of marshmallows in the bonfire. Once again the students authentically engaged in their Jewish learning with their parents and we are most impressed by their level of knowledge. 

The fires for Lag Ba’omer continued to burn the next day, where every class was given the opportunity to roast some marshmallows, make a fear catcher and participate in cooperation games run by the Perth Tzevet. The students were engaged in a dramatisation by the tzevet of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son who hid in a cave from the Romans.

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