Here at Carmel, in partnership with our parents, we are honoured to be able to equip our students with all they need to succeed in life, including the best possible ATAR for University entry. We are also proud of those students who have chosen to study VET courses in order to pursue their chosen careers, and last year we had four students complete VET courses with much success.

The School community was thrilled to once again be recognised as one of the top schools in WA, a worthy acknowledgement of the quality of our staff, and our teaching and learning processes and systems.

As usual, Carmel School has punched above its weight in many areas of competition. In 2017 we had students win Mikolot, a national public speaking competition for Jewish schools; named ‘Young Scientist of the Year for WA’; come second in the Brain Bee Science Competition; come first in the team Synergy Solar Car Challenge; win the national JNF change makers award for outstanding community service; become finalists in the IPSHA Speakers’ challenge; and win scholarships to attend the ANSTO Big Ideas Forum in Sydney.

All these achievements would not have been made possible without the dedication and hard work of our Carmel staff. Carmel teachers represent our School on numerous education boards, present at professional development days, and continue to be exemplars of outstanding educators in their professional networks.

Jewish life and learning at the School is active, dynamic and engaging.  Our program caters for students from a diverse range of Jewish backgrounds and observances, with the objective being that every student, regardless of background, should receive a meaningful, satisfying and relevant Jewish Education. The curriculum is supplemented by an array of informal educational experiences. We will shortly be sending the sixth group of Year 10 students on Shorashim. This program has become a key feature of the High School experience and is looked forward to by all.

The Jewish Education Foundation continues to grow. The sole purpose of the JEF is to help with the long-term affordability, and sustainability, of providing a Jewish education at Camel School. In 2017 we linked the JEF annual function with the school musical, The Little Shop of Horrors. The night was an outstanding success and provided a wonderful opportunity for so many of our students to showcase their amazing skills.

At the beginning of 2017 we welcomed a new Marketing and Communications Team headed by Susanna Wills-Johnson. Over the year Suze has refreshed our branding, designed a new website and has been involved in the development of our interstate and international marketing campaign.

Towards the end of 2017 we welcomed Fiona Wee in the position of Chief Financial Officer. Fiona is the School’s leading non-teaching professional and supports Mrs Lazar in her duty to ensure the School meets its educational aims and is responsible for the efficient and effective use of the School’s resources and facilities.

At this AGM we have four members leaving the Board.

At the AGM last year, after 12 years on the Board, eight as our Honorary Secretary, Karen Steinberg did not renominate for the position. Karen kindly agreed to continue on the Board in a one year Board Nominee position.

Dion Range came onto the Board in 2012 as a Board Nominee then became a General member in 2016.

Peter Byala joined the Board in 2011 as a Member and then became Treasurer in 2012. As Treasurer, Peter has chaired the Finance Committee. The School has continued to be in a very stable financial position.

Larry Rudman has now completed his two year Immediate Past President position. Larry came onto the Board as Treasurer in 2007. This term finished in 2010 then he was a Board appointee from 2010 to 2014. Larry then took on the position of  President from 2014 to 2016. Larry has been a great support to me over the past two years and we wish Larry and his family well in Melbourne.

To our Principal Shula Lazar and her team, we acknowledge and appreciate the superb effort which goes into the successful delivery of our school program.

To our Board and Sub-Committee members, thank you for freely volunteering your time and also your wise counsel.