Students from kindy all through high school had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the writing of a Sefer Torah at school this week.

This rare privilege and huge mitzvah was due to the forward thinking of Rabbi and Odeya White who offered Carmel the honour of having the sofer (scribe) visit us at school.

The Sefer Torah has been sponsored by the Todres, Moyal and White families in honour of  David Moyal (Odeya's father) and Hymie and Ada Todres (Julian's parents).What an incredible opportunity and experience and we thank the Whites on behalf of the school community. 

Just over a year ago the sofer, Rabbi Shneur Vigler started writing the first letters in Israel. The Sefer Torah is just about to be finished. The sofer has been flown here to Perth with the Torah to give the children of Carmel the opportunity to be part of the writing of the Torah. The students can see, and experience what writing a Torah entails and to know they have a part, a letter in this Sefer Torah. 

Children and their Jewish education, their Jewish belonging and connection were very important to the honourees, therefore, having the students at Carmel have their letter in the Torah will give them lot's of nachas. 

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