Last Thursday 24 May, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Wee, Mrs Thorpe and Mr Hemetsberger attended the WA Education Summit at Optus Stadium to investigate best practice using information learning technology.

This summit highlighted the need to develop skills associated with creativity, deep thinking and problem solving along with digital literacy via a range of technology platforms to ensure that our students have the capacity to engage with future contexts not yet defined. 

Carmel School’s use of Microsoft 365 and the office suite positions it well to ensure students have the opportunity to integrate higher order thinking skills during investigations. Nevertheless, the summit highlighted further opportunities to push the boundaries and ensure our students are future-proofed and enabled to move from being consumers to creators as they interact with augmented, virtual and mixed realities.  One such investigative platform is Minecraft for Education and this is currently being explored further for its application across year levels. Our future lies in the combination of human capital vs technology and it is critical that our students are empowered to balance these two resources skilfully and effectively.