Two teams of Year 8 students were recently selected to compete in the ScienceIQ competition over two weeks in March last term.

ScienceIQ is a series of online Science competitions conducted by the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (STAWA). The quizzes test student knowledge, skills and understanding in most areas of Science, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, biotechnology and science investigations. Students are encouraged to bond and work together as a team while having fun learning science.

The competition consisted of two rounds of 15 questions, of which, students needed to complete in the shortest amount of time possible with the most number of correct responses.

While we narrowly missed out on first place, both Carmel teams that entered, came out with second and third place out of many other schools that competed. The following students are to be congratulated on this fantastic achievement:

Second place winners:

Michael Schaffer, Rafael Levine, Bianca Bennett, Tyra Joselowsky, Jonah Froman (reserve)

Third place winners:

Lara Havas, Jake Rubenstein, Daniel Katz, Rebecca Schwarz 

The competition will continue to run for Year 7 and 9 this term so please watch this space!


Sarah Messina Science Teacher