On Sunday 18 November, the Carmel School Board was pleased to acknowledge the long and dedicated service of Danny Breckler, conferring on him life membership to the School.

Danny has been a Trustee of the School for 25 years.

Danny has also been involved with Carmel from the first day of classes for his children in 1987; from sponsoring events, to donating to the school, to hosting students visiting the Betts Group for careers classes, to speaking at functions, Danny is a persistent advocate for the School and our vision.

Reflecting at the event, Danny graciously acknowledged his mentors, including Harry Hoffman, Ian Green, John Schaffer and Michael Levitt. He also thanked Ruth for her steadfast support and encouragement, and her own dedication to Carmel which included 16 years on the P&F, nine as Co-President.  In acknowledging Danny, Board Member Rabbi Marcus Solomon said, “what is most notable in Danny’s dedication to the School is not only the depth and breadth of his support, although that is certainly impressive, it is his willingness and ability to take up the mantle of responsibility that rests with us all to be active members of our community, and foster in our children a commitment to Jewish continuity.”

We are honoured to welcome Danny as a life member of the School and look forward to continuing our immensely positive relationship with him and the Breckler family.

Debbie Silbert

President, Carmel School Board