These past few weeks have been ones of achievement, recognition and acknowledgement.

Our Year 8s completed a section of the famous ‘Cape to Cape’ walk, trekking, hiking, abseiling and caving for 3 days in the South West. Sleeping in tents they had erected, eating food they cooked themselves and facing physical and psychological challenges that pushed them to their limits, each and every Year 8 student encountered some sort of personal test, and overcame it! Whether it was students who were afraid of heights, but nevertheless cascaded down a cliff (in a harness of course), or students who were afraid of confined spaces but still conquered the caves, this experience was constructive and formative for our Year 8 cohort. We thank our amazing Phys Ed team of Wendy, Chris and Chris for organising the camp, and for Mel Thorpe, Gilad and Morah Shohan for supporting our students every step of the way.

Someone who has been in the background helping all our students achieve for generations is Mr Danny Breckler. Inducted as a life member of Carmel School last week, Mr Breckler has lived and breathed Carmel from its inception. He has been a student, a parent, a grandparent, a board member, a trustee, a donor, and P&F husband (thank you Ruth!) and always an avid supporter and advocate. It is because of people like Mr Breckler that our School is not just able to exist, but able to thrive. His generosity of time, expertise, money and spirit should stand as an example to us all. Our School has a strong foundation, and a bright future thanks to people such as Mr Breckler.

And so it is with feelings of accomplishments from our Year 8s, and gratitude for those who are so deserving of this life membership that we welcome in a peaceful Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,