What a week it has been for Carmel School. Four performances of the Wizard of Oz with a cast comprising of students from years 7 – 12, OKCs helping out and working backstage, the VAPA staff and ‘villages’ that all contributed to the success of the show. You will all agree with me that the musical was amazing. It showcased huge talent, commitment, dedication and hard work by everyone. Our cast of 41 students performed to 800 people over the four shows. Everyone left entertained, smiling and blown away by the high calibre. Students experienced firsthand that having fun, dancing, singing, putting on makeup, acting, getting to know other students and performing to an audience, not only feels wonderful, it is perceived as GIVING. It’s an act of kindness. It’s a power they have to make others feel good. It releases feel-good chemicals in their brains. I encourage everyone who came on this journey with us to reflect and find a way to be a giver in whatever way possible, to make the world a better place.

Ms Leanne Majzner