On Wednesday 3 April, the Year One children visited the Kalamunda History Village as part of our memory inquiry. We were lucky enough to see many old buildings and artifacts as we went back in time. 

We visited an old cottage and saw how people lived. Eight people lived in a four-roomed house, with no electricity! There was no bathroom and the boys had to sleep outside. Parents, your children can now do your washing and ironing too! We used a tub with a washing board to scrub the clothes and dolly pegs to hang the clothes on the line. 

As there was no technology, we got to play some old fashioned games, which was such fun! Have you ever made toy telephones using string and old tin cans? 

The school was interesting too. We learned so many interesting facts. If you were left-handed, your hand was tied behind your back and you were forced to write with your right hand. Boys would often get smacked with a cane when they were naughty. Oh my goodness, how schools have changed!

Lastly, we got to see how the fruit grader works. We had to shout very loudly in order to wake Lightening, the fruit grader, up. We watched very carefully how the fruit was sorted from small pieces of fruit to the very large ones. It was fascinating!

Thank you to all the parents who helped us on the day! You were all fabulous!