Carmel School is back in full swing! Holidays are but a distant memory as smiling students enter the school gates, full of chatter and excitement.

The second day of school coincided with Rosh Chodesh Adar (Aleph). The Jewish months are set by the waxing and waning of the moon and the start of the month is when the moon is at its smallest. As the days of the month build, so does the size and brightness of the moon.

Rosh Chodesh is a time that symbolises a new start with great potential for progress and development. In this way, it was most appropriate to start our new school year at the same time as we started a new month, a month epitomised by happiness, no less.

As each student begins a new chapter in their schooling, these first few weeks are a time of new beginnings, buoyed by strong foundations, propelling them into a promising future. It is this combination that drives the feeling of positivity that is experienced among staff and students here at Carmel School.

We are starting this year with lots of new faces; new staff who are thrilled to begin this chapter in their career at the top independent school in WA, and new students who are excited to be integrated into our close knit Carmel family.

Because that is what we are. A family. A high performing, inclusive, fun filled, sometimes crazy, Jewish Mishpocha. And we love it!!!

May this year bring health, success and blessings to us all. It is a particularly special year for Carmel School, as we celebrate our 60th birthday. Stay tuned for more information on how we will celebrate this milestone!

Shabbat Shalom,