A few weeks ago I had the absolute honour of meeting David Cameron and hearing him speak at the UIA Main Event. After having the opportunity to take a photo with the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, we headed to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre where we first heard the inspirational story of a young Ethiopian girl whose parents were brought out from Ethiopia, with the help of the UIA. She now works for a UIA program in Israel which seeks to help at-risk teenagers, in the form of a high tech education. After eating some delicious food, we had the privilege of hearing David Cameron talk. Mr. Cameron was truly an incredible speaker who detailed his love of the Jewish people and of the land of Israel itself, in addition to his political views on many facets of the world. It wasn't the actual words of his speech; for me, the truly inspirational aspect of his talk was the manner in which he conducted himself and his gift for public speaking, which most of us can only dream of emulating. It was really an honour to be in the presence of someone of Mr. Cameron’s calibre, who has made such an immense influence on not only British politics but also the world around us. I am truly thankful for this opportunity.

By Mia P.