SRC Membership – Michaela K
Some Year 12s show more dedication, commitment and leadership in their service to the school and, In these cases, they may be made a new member of the SRC.

We have a new member of the 2019 SRC to announce. This person has shown that she sets very high standards for herself and is dedicated to serving the Carmel School community. Among other things, she has campaigned on environmental awareness, resulting in much better recycling practices on campus.  She worked extremely hard for the swimming carnival to boost school spirit and worked very hard for Purim. Most recently she was integral in organising a Wellness day for the students, which was a big success. We are confident that her leadership and drive is going to be a highly valuable asset to the 2019 SRC. Congratulations, Michaela K!
Senior's Badges
As you all know, we like to recognise the hard work and leadership shown by our Year 12s. Carmel School places a high standard on our senior students. They often have very busy schedules due to school work, plus they often experience extra pressure (maybe even higher stress levels) due to the challenge of balancing school, family, friends and sometimes even work commitments. So when a Year 12 goes beyond all that to show initiative, leadership and even more hard work in service of their school or community, we think it’s worth at least a badge! The recipients of these Seniors’ badges have been nominated by their peers through the SRC, which is then confirmed by senior members of staff.
Miel H's Senior's Badge
This person is presented with a Senior's Badge for her outstanding dedication to Purim and her willingness to help out the SRC whenever they needed it. When it came to Purim she was always there to lend a helping hand, often giving up her time after school and on weekends to ensure that everything was done on time. Furthermore, she helped out with the SRC movie night by managing some of the logistical things and came early to help set up. She also offered up her time during the school holidays in order to make posters for the first day back at school. We are therefore honoured to present Miel H with a senior’s badge.  
Leah C's Senior's Badge
This Year 12 is awarded a seniors badge for her significant involvement in the success of Purim. She often gave up her free periods and time after school to help out in the lead up to Purim and her contribution has not gone unnoticed. More than that, she has kindly organised the year 12 leaver’s jumpers which has proved to be a stressful and time-consuming task. We are therefore honoured to present Leah C with a Senior’s Badge.  
Ron F's Senior's Badge
This Year 12 is presented with a Senior's Badge due to his involvement in the lead up to Purim, giving up much of his time after school and sometimes on weekends to help out with Purim. He helped to arrange the recent wellness day. Furthermore, he organised Carmel footy tipping, something that many teachers and students have gotten involved in, which has proven to be a great initiative that many people around the school are enjoying. And it helps boost school spirit, which we love. We are therefore honoured to present Ron F with a Senior’s Badge.   

Sam M's Senior's Badge
This Year 12 is presented with a Seniors Badge initially because of his involvement and initiative with Movember. This is a great cause that he passionately promotes. He was part of the organisation for the teacher vs students’ sports game one Friday during mentor period and also helped raise money for the cause by selling soft drinks at lunch on Friday.  He has also shown his engaging talents as an actor and host in the Musical and Purim respectively. By taking on these time-consuming commitments, he is an excellent role model for younger students.  We are therefore honoured to present Sam M with a Senior’s Badge.  

Gadiel F (Debating Colours)
Gadiel has brought a unique style and earnest commitment to both Debating and Mock Trials at Carmel School. He is not afraid to take on even the most challenging roles, demonstrated by his particularly impressive work as Second Barrister in Mock Trials. He works hard to prepare, presents professionally, and can always be counted on to be a highly engaging and memorable member of his team. He is indeed a worthy recipient of this award.     

Colours for sport

  • Jacob C
  • Toni G
  • Lev K
  • Aimee M
  • Jacob R
  • Isabella R
  • Eden-Lee S
  • Brynn T

Inter-School Sport

Sasha L (Captain of the Junior Basketball) and Alon T (Captain of Senior Frisbee) were presented with the Winning Flags from ACC.

Certificates for participation in musical 

  • Adi G
  • Noa Ja
  • Jacob P
  • Raphael C
  • Rebecca S
  • Samuel M
  • Yaron Z
  • Stephanie K
  • Aviya S
  • Michael B
  • Rafael L
  • Maytal V
  • Karin B-P
  • Jada B
  • Shoshana B
  • Chaya B
  • Annael K
  • Ariel R
  • Ava A
  • Ariella S
  • Benjamin F
  • Lucy K
  • Annabel M
  • Rachel T
  • Toni G
  • Dana L
  • Chantelle K
  • Aimee M
  • Trista N
  • Mia J
  • Amy J
  • Jessica M
  • Lielle B
  • Erica S
  • Erin H
  • Sivan N
  • Isabella W
  • Gila K

Congratulations to all!