By now, many of you would have met Ms Di Byrne, our not-so-new science laboratory technician in the Secondary School. What you might not know is that Di has a mission, fuelled by personal experience, to raise awareness of and much-needed funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Ms Byrne’s mum was diagnosed with MS when she was in her late 30s, and lived with the disease until last year when she sadly passed away. Di was 12 at the time of diagnosis and watching her mum come to terms with the diagnosis as well as how it came to impact her quality of life was formative for her. Other family members have also been diagnosed with MS and Ms Byrne is keen to spread the word about this disease, as well as raise funds to help researchers find a cure.

This June, just like in every June for the past seven years, Ms Byrne will compete in the ‘Step up for MS event’, running up the 1,103 steps in Central Park tower not once, but twice! “I do it, because they can’t”, she said. Di thrives on the challenge of this event (and trains regularly by running up and down Jacob’s Ladder) and is such a strong participant that she has won both the Fastest Female category and the Fastest Overall competitor in previous years.

For Di, however, it is not about the time on the clock for this event. It is about the funds raised to try to combat this devastating disease. “If we could find a cure for MS, well, that would be incredible. It would be life-changing to me and my family. There are no words to say how much this would impact us for the better.”
If you would like to support Ms Byrne with this event, you can sponsor her here by searching for ‘Dianne Byrne.’ Good luck Ms Byrne!