Recently the High School celebrated Reading Week. Hosted by the English Department, Reading Week was a chance for students and staff to celebrate literature, and perhaps re-engage with their love of reading.

Throughout the week, students took part in a range of activities with a literature twist. In Mentor, students participated in a competition to create the best tweet, hashtag or meme to a novel-based stimulus. At recess, students could partake in a book exchange - giving a tired and unloved novel a new home. Each day, lunchtime brought a new activity, from creating your own book mark and the writing of a short story in exactly 100 words to Mrs Kagan’s Character board game where students had to match characters from novels to their movie counterpart.

The best, however, was saved until last. The final day saw the visit of not one, but three renowned local authors to Carmel: novelists Jon Doust and Deb Fitzpatrick, and slam poet, Kai Schweizer. Each year group, from 7 to 12, participated in an author-led workshop that focused on developing the student’s creative writing skills.  It was pleasing to witness the enthusiasm of the students as they shared their creative writing with the authors and their peers.

Importance of reading cannot be underestimated. Studies have demonstrated that reading improves your comprehension, grammar, and spelling and helps to build empathy and expand your concentration skills.  Reading brings joy, can provide reprieve from the world and open your mind to endless possibilities. Pick up a book today and take a moment to enjoy the gifts reading has to offer.