Petta Baker from SUEZ popped in to check on how the Carmel garden is progressing. Louis G, Sam B and their wonderful EA, Karen Blumberg, worked tremendously hard preparing the garden for Spring planting. They have planted lovely butternut pumpkin and some beautiful Asian greens, fresh herbs and corn. Petta was amazed to see the progress we have made and the hard work that the staff and students have put into maintaining the garden. This would not have been possible without the generous donation from SUEZ and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to establish our kitchen garden. We can’t wait to use our new spring vegetables to make even more delicious dishes in our Food Tech kitchen!

Our appreciation is encapsulated by Jo Granich’s comments: “Congratulations to everyone that has worked so hard to develop, maintain and care for this wonderful initiative. And of course thank you to SUEZ for their generous funds to establish this project which adds so much value to the school community and has been so enjoyable for Louis to be part of, whilst learning some really practical skills for life. We appreciate it immensely.”