We are the Champions- once again!

Congratulations to Carmel 1: Chaya B, Rebecca S and Aviya S for becoming the WADL Grand Final Junior Champions for the second year in a row! Last week, our students debated against Perth Modern on the topic, ‘That this House regrets the commercialisation of Environmentalism.’ An engaging and thought-provoking debate, our students argued the affirmative position with poise rigour and conviction. This was a stellar debate between two well-matched teams. Aviya S walked away with an additional honour, named the best speaker of the debate - again, for the second year in a row.

Although brilliant and self-motivated, Rebecca, Aviya and Chaya could not have achieved this win without the support of those around them. On behalf of Carmel 1, I would like to thank Savannah Victor, their coach, for her guidance and the sharing of her wealth of debating experience. Thank you to the parents and families who came to every debate and supported our students in the preparation stages. Lastly thank you to the students and teachers who came to cheer on Carmel 1; it is this sense of community that makes Carmel School special.

Once again, well done, to Aviya, Chaya and Rebecca. You have worked hard all season and it has been an honour to watch you mature into highly competent and sophisticated debaters. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

Mrs Tanya Bagnara