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By Simon Lawrence To our dear Perth community; we are living in very strange and unusual times. However, the Jewish people have lived in strange and ...

It wasn’t on his to-do list for Rabbi Dan Lieberman, his SouthAfrican-born wife, Liat, and their then four small children to move to the remotest city in the world, but when opportunity came knocking in 2017 to do just that, they seized it with both hands. He chuckles, remembering the words of his mother-in-law on his wedding day, “You’d better not move to Australia.”

Not long before that they had left their home in Liverpool, where the then Rabbi of Allerton, Liverpool Shule had spent his early married life, having had a car bomb detonate in the driveway of the family home. “They put a bomb under my car and that went off. The next day, we left; we went to South Africa. I took compassionate leave.

Hi Guys, Here are five steps to help us stay safe this Corona season.  Whether you religiously uphold the Government’s rules of social distancing ...

So, I’m writing this on Monday 23rd March 2020 from my office at Carmel School, Perth, Western Australia. This morning, I davened with the 7, 8 and 9 boys as I do each weekday morning. In the middle of the tefilla, I had a moment of realisation. I stopped tefilla and asked the students to reflect for a moment.

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