The community engagement section of the Review has now closed, and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to either the survey or workshops. Your input is valued by everyone at Carmel School.

The review has been conducted to explore both the formal and informal opportunities provided to assist students in their exploration of all aspects of Jewish life, from the practice of the religion to cultural activities, Zionism, civic responsibility and community involvement. This review will not in any way change Carmel's ethos and education as a Modern Orthodox Zionist school. We are also looking at other schools’ Jewish teaching and learning, both in Australia and overseas so as to provide guidance as to best practice.

We are very proud of our existing program and what it delivers to students and understand that as the only Jewish school in Perth, we need to ensure the program suits the evolving nature of how people practise and sustain Jewish continuity.

The survey and interview results have now been shared with the Stakeholder Reference Group who have been discussing the outcomes to ensure that the Jewish Life and Learning Program will always be educationally strong, engaging, valuable to the students and their families and satisfies the needs of religiously observant, traditional and more secular families.

We are looking forward to working together to build on the strengths of our Jewish Life and Learning Program.

Julie Harris, Principal           Simon Lawrence, Director Jewish Studies

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